Thursday, 10 February 2011

On the sea - På havet


  1. this is beautiful,what is your medium?

  2. Thanks! I usually work with pencil, paper and then I finish it in Photoshop.

  3. Bildene dine er virkelig flotte!

  4. So pretty, I love the reflection in the water!

  5. Hey Maja,
    I read your interview on bloesem kids and followed your links to  your blog and etsy profile.
    I really like your pictures and I posted a entry on my blog, where I introduce your work to my readers.
    Please let me know, if it isn’t ok to use a picture of one of your illustrations.
    I try to translate the entry in English by this evening.
    Kind greetings from Germany,

  6. Thanks for all the nice words!

    And Sindy, no problem that you made a post with my illustration on your blog, I'm just glad you liked it! I tried to read it, but I can't say that I understood much of it.

  7. Hej Maja,

    I actually did the same thing as Ms Fisher did... Kept you in my favourites for a long time and today I wrote about you on my blog. Love what you are doing.
    Big big kram (or would that be store kram? my swedish is not so good!) wishing you all the best,