Friday, 17 June 2011

Midsummer eve - Midsommarafton

Next friday it's Midsummer Eve. It's one of the biggest holidays here in Sweden.

I took some text from Wikipedia explaining what we are doing, it might explain my illustration for those who don't know our tradition:

"It is one of the most important holidays of the year in Sweden, and probably the most uniquely Swedish in the way it is celebrated. The main celebrations take place on the Friday, and the traditional events include raising and dancing around a huge maypole. Before the maypole is raised, greens and flowers are collected and used to cover the entire pole.

Raising and dancing around a maypole (majstång or midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts families and many others. People dancing around the pole listen to traditional music and some even wear traditional folk costumes. In addition, many wear crowns made of wild springs and wildflowers on their heads. The year's first potatoes, Soused herring, Chives, Sour Cream, Beer, Snaps and the first strawberries of the season are on the menu."

One of the songs, that you dance and sing around the Maypole is called "7 beautiful girls in a ring" ("sju vackra flickor i en ring") and that's my illustration for this week!


  1. It's so pretty! Definitely a new favorite.

  2. Maja,

    this piece is lovely, sweet and charmingly fun.

    Wishing you a lovely holiday.

  3. Like it a lot.

  4. You have lovely work! I love that you're able to keep your pieces bright and colorful but still have the dark atmosphere creeping in.

  5. Your style is just beautiful! I'm following you. :)